Additional thoughts on the national healthcare debate

The cost of a universal healthcare system based on the system we have in the US today would be incredible. But, there are a number of things we can do that would alleviate some of the costs of the system and bring things closer to a universal system at a significantly reduced price.

  • Reduce the maximum amount for medical damage or malpractice suits.
  • Provide universal malpractice insurance for doctors and other medical providers
  • Determine which services are most critical and provide those for free to everyone

Any system based on providing everyone the minimum has two inherent issues. The first is that you move the minimum bar so far down the scale that it becomes useless. Or, the system ends up costing so much money that you end up with a 35-50% tax rate for everyone.

If we can leverage the first two bullets and then automate as many services as are possible using technology as the equalizer we may be able to pull this off.

The problem is, no one has a 3 years plan. everything is geared to right now – which means we are going to be a risk again, in less than 3 years.