Leadership the lost art of IT

I’ve been in various IT roles and IT departments over the years. The thing I’ve found is actually very interesting – but is wholly opinion. I would however love to see someone study this and see if in fact it is real.

IT teams that have solid relationships between managers and people actually doing the work seem to have a much higher success rate on projects. I am not talking about the always risk “friendship” dynamic. I am talking about open and honest relationships between everyone on the team.

On those teams it seems to me that problems get addressed much faster than they do with IT orgs that have a typical management structures. Again, staying away from the concept of friends, rather it is a cordial open environment.

It seems to me that these teams also know how their organizations make money and are much tighter aligned with the business and business components. IT making decisions on taking projects that directly impact the business.

Anyway – it is something I have observed. Not sure that it is real but it is something that I have seen a few times.