The economy of words

140 characters. The architecture of a small message. SMS, Tweet, condense your thoughts. Make them small. Go ahead – try and use a smaller font. It might buy you more screen real estate – but the reality is you can’t have more than the limit.

You can get around it – jargon and short hand help but again you have to have a common languague for short hand to work.

The economy of words.

There used to be a show on television that asked people to bet on how quickly they could identify a song. I can do it in 3 notes, 2 notes, 1 note. The brevity of words for 140 characters requires an architecture of understanding.

Which is my driving passion. As a former teacher I have long looked at the concept of learning and understanding. They are the same but very different. I can learn mathematics and spit out the results in a rote fashion. But if I understand matematics I can manipulate the numbers world around.

I learn and can recall.

I understand and can change.

That is the Delta. Creating an educational path that drives to the concept of understanding. Twitter is certainly a starting point – reduce the complexity of what you are saying to a small number of characters. Say it with brevity.