The fire that is still burning

Been a fan of the simpsons for a long time. Many interesting views on what is wrong with the solutions of the world we live in.

The tire fire, that has been a staple of the show for most of the time I’ve been watching (I started around season 4 and haven’t really watched all of the old shows) is still burning.

It is a problem without a solution.

As I think through transitional services (and there are new podcasts and a whitepaper coming) the reality for me is that this is not a pile of smoking tires. I will be posting scenario 2, a complete idea with not all of the components built out for improving a traditional business with transitional services. You can find that and much more here:


The concept that is critical for this going forward is the relavence. Its why I started out with a pile of smoking tires that have been burning for at least 10 years. Somethings don’t have solutions that can be implemented effectivly. This is the value proposition of transitional services, looking at old problems from new angles to see if we can solve more effectivly.