Additional thoughts, the core concepts of training

Over the past 8 months I have talked about two issues that impact architects a number of times, communication and planning/patterns. Its funny to me, having worked on a training pattern for Architects for the past two years just how much education it takes to “build” an architect. contains the taxonomy of architects. Its amazing when you think about the various specializations that we have today:
Solutions Architect
Infrastructure Architect
Information Architect
Business Architect
Operations Architect
Enterprise Architects
and there are many more possible “professions” under the umbrella “software architect.”

The next training of course will move beyond the base skills and required skills to anticipate the next generation of learning required for architects. What will that look like? Taxonomy v3 or v4 will begin to move into that space. We’ve just started on Taxonomy v2, so its a while out yet.

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