The plan, the process and oops

Building an architecture plan is something I love about my job. I love pulling together the technical pieces of a solution and featuring them in a series of critical decisions. Taking end user and business requirements and making them into a solution is a huge and fantastic process.

The process is a little different at times however. I’ve read the fantastic bible for creating architectures, “Documenting Software Architectures” by Paul Clements (Len Bass et al). The process itself is simple and really isn’t anything to be worried about. The issue is of course the process doesn’t always map your personal style.

The oops comes in the fact that often people do all of these things, building glorious paper architectures that in fact are never read. That becomes a huge issue, something that drives us as Architects to pull our hair. We create perfection and then no one ever updates what we did.

The plan builds from the process to beautiful documents that placed in 3 ring binders and, oops never read again.