Live Mesh – great tool

Recently i’ve been using Live Mesh more and more. The ability to connect PC’s across securitydo mains (home and work network) to sync non-critical data has been a great tool. I don’t think I would put sensitive data on a solution that relied on a single password, but for what I use it for it’s quite nice. But from a what are you going to do when you connect to the cloud basis it seems to be a very useful tool.

There are a couple of net new features I would like to see however:
1. Support for ORB publication
2. Supoort for WHS devices in your live mesh (you can do it, but I am looking for full support)
3. Support for full windows media center devices (so you can share recorded tv etc)

But for what I am using it for (saving pictures from my cell phone) and personal documents/whitepapers I am working on its a great tool.

As a solutoin for cloud computing it really does help you take that first step towards cloud solutions. It does call to mind the need for a data coverage pattern, but that is for later.