Pillar two of transitional services

The migration tool

It seems like a perfect storm, perhaps it is in the long run view. A migration tool that includes the business intelligence required for transitional services to be effective.

What would such a tool look like?

1. Understanding the information flow structure of hte organization, allow for automated data retention in the specific required location. This would be automated cloud placement, correct creation of an index and search placement. Then the update of the on premise backup of the data as changes occur.

In reality this tool would have three core pieces:
Search engine placement (best best)
Search engine index (this would need to incldue the meta data to make the overall search better)
Data migration following business rules from on premise to the cloud.
Two way migration (back to on premise) for data.
Business rules that allow the management of what IP is moved and where.

Such a tool does not exist today of course, but there are several that have pieces of this. The search integration would be the difficult component to build going forward.