The three pillars of transitional services

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What are the three pillars of Transitional Servies?
1. Building a system to determine what information lives where.
2. Using a tool or building a tool that will create the two way replication pattern from the cloud and back.
3. Providing the right level of security.

Today let’s talk about the tools that are out there. First off there are point in time solutions that move data from one place to the other and back again. But there are not control systems that makes this an automated and effective solutoin. What we need is a tool that will effectively allow us to create business rules that support the creation of IP, and then follow a decision matrix as to where that information should be.

I’ve thought about this for the past week and have some idea’s for creating a new data mining tool. It’s really what this is all about – a tool that leverages a search engine (Bing) and produces a net result. This result is then provided as a best bet to the person searching. The data is then moved into a consumption area for the users to access.

This buids really three area’s for a user to interact with:


So within the concept of “i need information” the user heads to their search area. Once they “found what I needed” they move that data into consumption. If during consumption they realize that the data as provided does’t cover what they fully need they move that data into the “update” section.

More coming once I figure out how such a tool would look/work.