Transitional Services

As if data would come to us like the line from the song “should I stay or should I go?”

Should I stay? Am I data that meets some of the criteria listed:
1. To sensitive to be readily avialble
2. To sensitive to allow for the risk of exposure

Should I go? Am i data that meets some of the following criteria:
1. by being readily available to all users of the company wherever they are, I would create a competitive advantage.
2. I can speed up the sales, delivery or other aspects of customer service by being easily available.

I could build these criteria out more, you get the basic concept. The issue is how do we develop a process that will allow us to actually create an engine to move this data?

Transitional Services is the vechile I believe will get us there. In the past services was a human function. With transitional services it may be a computer or a human initiating the process. Transitional services focuses on ways to help the organization better manage the information they have (Explicit) while enabling the information they want to capture (tacit) to move more easily into a formal system.

However, because in reading this past paragraph it is easy to make the assumption that in fact Transitional Services is simply a way to hide KM, it is more than that.

Beyond sync there needs to be an effective way to move data from the business owned cloud to the broader “SaaS Cloud”. This would invovle automated migration processes or simply using a human being (laptop) to move the data.

The how of the data migration is the key to Transitional Services – more coming!